2017-10-21 - Pancake Breakfast Fly-in, Benson's Airport(6MN9), White Bear Lake, MN

EAA Chapter #745 Fly-in/Drive-in Pancake Breakfast, 9 am - noon,Saturday, October 21th, 2017 at Benson’s Airport (6MN9), White Bear Lake, MN. There is normally 100LL on the airport, butcall ahead. Kim: 763-503-0161 Airport:651-429-0315.

6MN9 Benson Airport
Lat: 45° 6' 59.88" North
Long: 92° 59' 45.78" West
Unicom: 122.700; Runway 12/30
(2000' x 75'), Grass

Two landmarks for finding Benson’s are the water tower inside the pattern and Bald Eagle Lake just to the west of the airport.

Benson Airport
5860 Highway 61 N
White Bear Lake MN 55110

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