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Thread: Super Tanker Grounded By Forest service Contract Dispute

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    Super Tanker Grounded By Forest service Contract Dispute

    Forest Service:"FAA, hold my beer, watch THIS!!!"

    ........the U.S. Forest Service said its contract limits firefighting aircraft to 5,000 gallons of fire suppressant. The 747 carries up to 19,000 gallons.......

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    Something's fishy here. The DC-10 carries about 12,000 gallons ( It just did a drop a couple of days ago near my airport, KREI, in SoCal on the Bridge Fire, and at least two couple of weeks ago on the Mart fire. Fire Aviation says two DC-10s are on contract with the USFS this year. ( FA also says the Call When Needed contracts are the ones with the 5K gallon limits and that's what the 747 would be eligible for this year.

    Obviously someone on the contract board doesn't live in a fire-prone area!
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    All kinds of history with this and don't expect to hear all the facts, since the FS is potentially being sued. The owners of the 74 are, of course, free to excoriate the Forest Service at will, facts be damned.....this is the court of public opinion, after all.


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    ....and meanwhile the fires burn and burn and burn......

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