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Thread: PA-18 Adjustable Seat STC for PA-12, Fit & Clearances???

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    PA-18 Adjustable Seat STC for PA-12, Fit & Clearances???

    Good morning,

    I have a PA-12 with the fixed/rigid front seat and am considering the STC for PA-18 Adjustable Front Seat. My question relates to the amount of front seat legroom gained, and then the stick clearance in the back.

    Will we gain any additional front-seat legroom, and if so, how does this aft seat position affect forward stick travel due to rear-stick contact with the back of the front seat? Or is an offset S-shaped stick part of the mod for the back seat?

    Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, we are currently on wheels, but thinking about a set of straight floats to go underneath.

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    you may or may not find some info in these 2 folders.... showing a similar mod..( not the STC one, before the STC was granted)

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