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RAF Call to Action:

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is preparing Environmental Assessments (EAs) and Travel Management Plans (TMPs) on three regions of public lands in Southwest Idaho. These EAs and TMPs will define access for multiple-use activities, including recreational aviation, while minimizing negative impacts to wildlife habitat and reducing conflicts between motorized and non-motorized recreation, and preventing damage to cultural resources. Decisions are partly based on public input and typically remain in effect for decades.

In the past, the aviation community wasn’t often involved. It is important that we make our voices heard in order to protect aviation access to these public lands. We ask that no matter where you live, please take the time to send comments on these three EAs/TMPs before the March 29, 2017 deadline.

The process is simple:
You can submit comments by email or fax. Always include your name and location. You are not required to provide your physical address or phone number. Your comments must include the specific study number and title, and you must make separate submissions for each individual study. (See the three specific studies below.)

Your comments do not need to be extensive – Just request that aviation be included as a valid means of access to public lands. This particular BLM office has cooperated successfully with the RAF, so please keep your comments constructive.

All comments must be received on or before March 29, 2017.

Here is sample wording that you may adopt:

As a pilot and user of public lands, I want to ensure that this Environmental Assessment and Travel Management Plan considers aviation as an appropriate means of access and recreational activity. The BLMTravel and Transportation Management Manual notes that backcountry airstrips can be an integral part of a balanced and efficient transportation system.
Compared to other methods of transportation, particularly motorized vehicles or horses, aircraft can provide access into remote areas far from the highway, without the need to construct and maintain roads or trails. Recreational aircraft produce negligible emissions, do not incorporate traction systems that cause erosion, or introduce invasive species. Recent studies have confirmed that aircraft activity has no significant impact on the well being of wildlife.
I feel that it is important that the BLM maintain aviation access to our pubic lands for future generations to enjoy.

Yours truly,
Mr. Joe Aviator
Paradise, OR

The three different studies, and contacts to use for submitting comments follows.
Please note the email addresses are not all the same.

DOI-BLM-ID-B011-2017-0004-EAMorley Nelson Snake River National Conservation Area (NCA) Travel Management Plan West
The NCA West Travel Management Plan will cover most BLM lands approximately described as south of Interstate 84, north of the Snake River, west of Simco Road, and east of Highway 45. This will also include several small, isolated BLM parcels south of Lake Lowell. These areas are located in Ada and Canyon Counties, Idaho.
Fax: (20 384-3489

DOI-BLM-ID-B000-2017-0001-EACanyonlands West Travel Management Plan
Includes BLM lands approximately described as north of Mud Flat Road, north to Little Jack Creek and the North Fork of the Owyhee River, west to the Oregon border. This area is located wholly within Owyhee County, Idaho.

Fax: (20 384-3489

DOI-BLM-ID-B000-2017-0002-EA– Grand View Travel Management Plan
Includes BLM lands approximately described as south of State Highway 67, north of State Highway 51, to the North Fork of Stinker Creek, and west to Jordan Creek. This area is located wholly within Owyhee County, Idaho.

Fax: (20 384-3489

The RAF thanks you for taking the time and effort to ensure aviation is part of the long-term Travel Plan on these public lands.