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Thread: Disc Brake Adapter Plates

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    Disc Brake Adapter Plates

    Probably should have put these up earlier, but in case it helps someone next year I'll post it now.

    I did notice the other day that nearly (if not all) the guys ski flying with disk brakes simply safety wired the calipers in place. As a rookie I knew about that option was wanted something better, so I laid out an adapter plate based off the brake pad, and bolt them on to hold the calipers when on skis. I'll include a photo with some markup's on it.

    It's simply 1/4" aluminum plate cut to an appropriate shape from using an offset brake pad as the layout tool. Connect the arcs, drill 4 holes, and pick up two 3/8" bolts and nuts for each side. The holes for the caliper pins are oversize, so you can step it up if you have a number drill set, or open up the 3/8" slightly with a die grinder.

    The plate bolts to the axle bracket, the caliper pins slide in the upper holes, and the brake pads go on to hold the caliper in place, just as if it was on the disk.

    Before creating your own just make sure your brake lines have adequate slack, but it appears typical. I added a quick coating of black paint and they worked great. Hope that helps someone else out.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Great post, though I am not sure if I can create the same.

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