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Thread: New Cub Club member

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    New Cub Club member

    After twenty years this rusty pilot has gotten back in the saddle. I retired a few years ago and after checking off a few todo-lists and such I decided to get back into flying. After all I live just across from PAFA on the lower Chena River, planes everywhere. has been an enormous help for me in looking for an airplane. I've learned so much from all the discussions, sadly I still feel inadequate… I wanted a Super Cub, I mean what else is there ;-). I've been a lurking member on this site for some time. I managed to get current with my flight review last spring. A lot has changed in twenty years, that's for sure. While looking for a Cub I completed my float rating and about that time found a super nice '78 PA-18-150 on EDO 2000s. Wow, what a blast. Even the boss loves the floats, despite getting nauseous on her first trip. The Cub is on 8:50s now and I'm working on getting comfortable on wheels, hopefully to get on skis at some point. Right now I'm dealing with winter, Snow has finally come to the Interior, albeit a small amount.

    Anyways, that's my introduction. Looking forward to more great info on this site from all the seasoned and rookie Cubers. And the less fortunate as well.

    Jeff Harrison


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    Quote Originally Posted by lowerchena View Post
    sadly I still feel inadequate…

    Jeff Harrison

    Welcome Jeff, We all do, that's why we're here

    "Optimism is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat and taking the tartar sauce with you!"

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    It feels good to get back to flying and messing with airplanes, doesn't it? And, I'll bet you're anxious to really get going. Welcome and Godspeed!

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