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Thread: Be Careful! Locky / Zepto Ransomware is making the rounds

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    Be Careful! Locky / Zepto Ransomware is making the rounds


    Be REALLY careful about opening email attachments that you think are from friends unless they really make sense. There are a couple nasty versions of the Locky Ransomware which encrypt all of your documents making the rounds. Mac users, you are also susceptible to this in one of the many variants - one of newer ones is "zepto" as it renames all the files .zepto after encrypting them.

    Be sure to have a current backup of your machine - and UNPLUG the backup drive (Locky/Zepto will encrypt it also).

    Even if you pay the $400 - $2000 ransom, you may not get your files back so it best to just avoid getting it in the first place.

    MOST people who I know who have gotten this and use one of the mainstream email services like gmail, have gotten it because they ignored the fact that the email was in the spam folder, and that (if using the web interface) google gave them a warning not to open it.

    Here is some info on Locky and how to recognize it:

    Practice safe computing!

    "Often Mistaken, but Never in Doubt"

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    Thank you! I think that ransomware is like modern plague. I lost all my data because of odin ransomware

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