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Thread: AeroMatic and Manifold Gauge

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    AeroMatic and Manifold Gauge

    I'm installing a newly overhauled Tarver Aeromatic F200/00-73E in front of my PA12 0234C1 in the next 2 weeks. Home is a grass strip in the Midwest and I fly below 5,000 ft. I have some time behind a Univar aeromatic and constant speed props too. My question is..... I can see the advantage for set up as well as in the different flight configurations to know what horse power the Lycoming is producing. But is it worth the time ,money, and panel space to install a manifold gauge?

    I need some help getting off the fence!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TEVogt View Post
    ... to know what horse power the Lycoming is producing...
    that should read "the Lycoming SHOULD BE producing.....)

    SB on here has a good thread on this.... i don't remember the title, but it was a loss of speed(10mph?) and power after and annual, that turned out to be a drop of water in carb.. yet the instrument read the same...

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    Any airplane which has a controllable, 2-position, constant speed or automatically changing prop pitch should have a manifold pressure gauge in order to determine the power settings. The installation is simple with one tube connected to the intake manifold anywhere between the carb and the intake valves. There is an allen pipe plug on the cylinder to remove for the connection. This same plug location is also used for a primer hookup. Not all installations use all four cylinders for priming.

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