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Thread: Malaysian Airline flt370 recovered part

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    Malaysian Airline flt370 recovered part

    Folks are explaning that the might be recovered part could be from MA370

    Heard that it could be a flap section from the wing

    Do you think the flap on your plane would float in the ocean for a little over a year???????

    Can the shellfish attached to the structure develop that much in a year??

    Just askin!!

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    Depending on the materiel that it is made of and/or a trapped air bubble, it could float forever.

    Shellfish grow rapidly on "stuff" left in the salt water, particularly when in tropical climates.

    This is more than I ever expected would be found of that B-777. Remember at the time of the disappearance that some islanders in the Indian ocean reported seeing a low flying large airplane? Perhaps the searchers should have followed that lead.

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    Warm water barnacle growth will start in days, not weeks, let alone a year. Recently a friend of mine put his boat in the Gulf for 3 days with no bottom paint, and it took 3 days to get all the growth off.

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    If you feel like dumbing down watch CNN's coverage of the new discovery. I especially like Mary Schiavo describing what a flaperon does.

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