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Thread: Experimental Simplified Fuel System

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    Experimental Simplified Fuel System

    Just wondering, when installing a modified fuel system to eliminate the header tanks, why must the individual front and rear sumps be plumbed all the way to the fuel selector and teed. Cant the two sumps be teed at the aft side of the tank and only one line be routed down to the fuel selector?


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    theres NO advantage even connecting the front outlet in that case....

    a long & steep decent will run you out of gas, in that configuration(or even without front outlet connected)...

    early Cessna 180's have the outlet in middle of tank, and many have crashed...

    ones still had 10? gallons a side of gas when the engine quit, and the pilot didn't raise the nose to get fuel flowing again, and crashed....

    think that might have been part of the crash here a month or so ago by port alsworth??
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    Keep in mind that the fuel MUST be able to flow from the tank to the engine in ALL airplane attitudes. IF there is an attitude when the fuel will not flow unrestricted, it needs further thought. There MUST not be a place to trap an air bubble. Air bubbles can stop fuel from flowing.

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    Is the perceived problem with the header tanks, being that they are in the cabin, or is it some other plumbing problem? For my experimental, I've found a single 3 gallon header tank (baggage area, up high, hardly know it's there, tapered to fit closely and take up min. room) with the single outlet from each wing tank leading to it, and a single outlet from the header to up front is about as simple as it gets, from a plumbing point of view.

    From a having fuel in the cabin point of view, I figure once I have it in the wing tanks, it's "there", and having a bit in the cabin is a minimal further risk, and I try not to crash. From a feeding the engine viewpoint, the single header covers all the bases as simply as possible.

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    I always remember a guy flying a Cessna Ag Wagon telling me how flying with the ball out of center will force the fuel up against the inside of the tank and you can pretty much empty it.

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