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Thread: Rock Group Kiss in Iraq on a USO Tour

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    Rock Group Kiss in Iraq on a USO Tour

    I must admit that I am not a big rocker, heck I'm not even a little rocker, but when I watched this video of Kiss performing for our troups they gained much respect from me.


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    I guess the least of the troops' worries is hearing protection. Rock on, Kiss!

    Baloney is still baloney, no matter how thin you slice it.

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    Actually, I think that is just Gene and the military band. I played in stage band when in High School and we always went to see the "Airmen of Note" and other military bands whenever we could. They were amazing musicians who could play anything. You can skip past the former leader of the Airmen's chat, but this is one of my favorite Chick Corea songs, and they really do it up right.

    Randy, I did not mean to hijack the intent of your thread....

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