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Thread: New MOA in Alaska - please comment by May 10, 2015

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    New MOA in Alaska - please comment by May 10, 2015

    Hi All,
    This is a major airspace grab in eastern Alaska in an area that is frequented by GA.

    The comment period is extended to May 10, 2015.
    Please comment - see the link.

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    This proposal is for new Military Operating Areas (MOAs). The last expansion for the Delta MOA had a lot of disinformation spread about "never being able to fly the Delta to Fairbanks corridor again" Many people were confusing the MOA with a Restricted Area or Prohibited Area. You are perfectly legal to fly in any MOA under VFR any time you choose. VFR=anytime, IFR=required coordination (and probably denial); Medevacs have priority and have resulted in closing the MOA to military operations. With the Delta MOA is active, I have seen no negative impacts from either the civilian (VFR or Medevac) or military side of flight operations.

    It would be wise to contact Range Control and let them know where you are and where you are going. Range will inform the military aircraft so they can avoid you. The EIS says this is for Major Flying Exercises (MFEs). Those occur 2-4 times a year, 3 hour blocks, twice a day for two weeks. Never during moose season!

    The impact to us Cub drivers is pretty limited, the vast majority of military operations are above "nosebleed altitude" Squawking VFR or calling Range Control will result in proactive measure to keep the fighters away from you.

    Establishing these MOAs will most certainly enhance the training our fighter pilots require. The "not in my backyard" mentality has curtailed/restricted this type of training at most venues in the Lower 48.


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    The Board of Game recently voted and approved proposal 207 to limit aircraft during sheep season,(Proposal 207: From August 10 to September 20 aircraft may only be used to place hunters and camps, maintain existing camps, and salvage meat and trophies while used for the purpose of Dall sheep hunting. Using an aircraft for the purpose of spotting sheep or locating Dall sheep during the open hunting season is prohibited.) in part to increase the quality of the hunt. Now the military wants more airspace for "fast movers" as low as 500 AGL in prime sheep hunting areas during the month of August.
    Good luck getting ahold of range control while flying in the new mountainous areas the military wants.
    As Alaska residents, hunters, and pilots we work hard to maintain the wilderness quality of our State. Noisy, fast movers disrupt hunters and animals and at a minimum should not be out during the entire hunting season, including August.

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