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Thread: J4 Undercarriage

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    J4 Undercarriage

    I am overhauling the undercarriage on my J4A (As well as everything else). I have found springs broken and internally they are a bit of a mess. I did read in a forum somewhere that someone replaced the internals with a commercial (motorbike?) type of strut. Has anyone any information on this please.

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    I haven't had the pleasure of working on my oleos, yet. Post this over on and you will have a bigger audience. Most over here don't even know that Piper built an oleo landing gear, or that the J4 was the first Piper with a 16 rib wing.


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    I have a friend that has the remains of a J-4A wreck that he would like to have go away. If I remember correctly, it may have one good oleo. Don't recall about the rest of the landing gear structure. PM me if you want his phone number.

    -Cub Builder

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