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Thread: Piper Pacer/Tri Pacer Question

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    Piper Pacer/Tri Pacer Question

    I'm just curious, there seems to be a lot of market support for the restoration of all Cubs in general and the building of experimental counterparts, but what do Tri Pacer/Pacer owners do if they need a new fuselage? Are there new production fuselages or blueprints available (complete sets of blueprints)? As for wings and tail feathers, I would assume that some or all parts from Cub wings work. Thanks for your response.



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    Thee are no "new" fuselages being produced for the Pacer / Tri-Pacer line.... It simply is not as popular of an aircraft as the Cub... Only way to replace a fuselage is to find a decent used one of the same serial number range of the model you have.... For instance, the aircraft I am working on is a 59 model and I replaced the fuselage with a 57 frame that is the same as the original... Just straighter and without all the old crappy undocumented repairs... I did add one piece of hat section to the replacement frame rear door area that was part of the original... The replacement frame is a log book entry... The log will read replace airframe S/N 22-12345 with airframe 22-1234, airframe modified to comply with previously installed STC's XX and XXX....

    Replacement wing parts are available from Univair along with all of the control surfaces... The horizontal surfaces on a Pacer are slightly smaller than a cub although cub surfaces can be installed with Svenn's aviation STC.


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    Lots of drawings. This would be useful for you.

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    If the dimensions and fitting locations of the wing attach, gear, and motor mount are the same as a PA-16 Clipper, PM me. We have a repair jig that is no longer in use.

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    Post Thanks / Like for support of the Short Winged Pipers. I built a fuselage jig because there are no new replacements. Parts are plentiful from Univair and Dakota Cub. The drawing CD from the Short Wing Piper Club that Pete linked to is a must have in my opinion. I believe these airplanes are as popular as Cubs just at a lower budget. Piper built a lot of them.
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