HR 3708 has 110 Co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle and represent 35 states. The companion bill in the Senate, S2103 has 10 co-sponsors representing 7 states. KS-2, UT-1, MT-1, AK-2, ID-2, OK-1, WY-1. If you ask me, that's pretty pathetic. I'm particular disappointed that Texas has no Senators that have signed on.
The FAA continues to drag their feet and Congress is allowing them to do it. I know AOPA and EAA are working it but they are only as good as those of us that continue to pound on our politicians. I see no reason why only 35 states are represented in this cause in the House and only 7 states are represented in the Senate.
I don't know, maybe this is a Don Quixote thing and it'll never get anywhere but if it doesn't, there should be plenty of airspace left for the young pilots. All of us that are "long in the tooth" and dealing with disqualifying health issues will be in the rocking chair wishing we had done something.