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Thread: Buying a Super Cub (Mission, notes, specs included)

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    I would never argue with the advantages of the higher powered Super Cubs in high DA/no wind conditions, but at lower altitudes (up to 1500 ASL) and moderately warm temperatures with a light wind, I rarely take more than about 2000 feet to clear a 50 foot obstacle, and that is with a full fuel and a full load. The C90 and 0-200 power curves are pretty much the same up to 2600 RPM so your experience should be similar to mine if the engine develops good power with the right prop, but there are a lot of other variables that could be at play here. Are the floats rigged square and straight? Are the water rudders tracking straight ahead? What about the empty weight? Where is the CofG?. These can really add up when you only have 90 or 100 HP at your disposal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ursa Major View Post
    Don't get me wrong, I like J-3s. Don't have a lot of time in them, but.... The last time I flew one on floats (w/ 100hp) with two slightly bigger than average size guys and half fuel, it took forever to get off the water. I was beginning to think the only reason we got airborne was that the lake had dropped away from us due to the curvature of the earth. We must have taken a couple of miles to unstick one float and coax it into the air. DA was around 2600 feet with no wind. On a cooler day with a little wind it performed much better, but I still would rather have my PA-18 - 160.
    1320 or 1400 EDOs?


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    The cub is gone now from the area, but as I recall it was on Bauman 1500s. We might have been nudging up against max gross weight as well.

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