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Thread: The Cassiar hwy route

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    The Cassiar hwy route

    I am planning on flying from Juneau to Pullman, WA in mid August in the Cessna 170.

    If we have a stretch of good weather, the coastal option might be interesting:
    Juneau (PAJN) - 208 - Ketchikan (PAKT) - 78 - Prince Rupert (CYPR) for customs - 75 - Terrace (CYXT) - 92 - Smithers (CYYD) - 250 - Williams Lake (CYWL) - 244 - Dorothy Scott (0S7) for US customs - 176 - Pullman (KPUW)
    for a grand total of 1123 nautical miles.
    Juneau (PAJN) - 208 - Ketchikan (PAKT) - 78 - Prince Rupert (CYPR) for customs - 228 - Bella Coola (CBBC) - 263 - Kamloops (CYKA) - 137 - Dorothy Scott (0S7) US Customs - 176 - Pullman (KPUW)
    for a grand total of 1090 nautical miles.
    I know there is no avgas in Prince Rupert and noone has anything good to say about getting fuel at Bella Bella (CBBC), which gives me the longest fuel leg of 306 miles, so that's definitely a consideration.

    If we have normal weather, then head up the Taku River and follow the Cassiar down:
    Juneau (PAJN) - 107 - Atlin (CYSQ) for customs - 153 - Dease Lake (CYDL) - 267 - Smithers (CYYD) - 250 - Williams Lake (CYWL) - 244 - Dorothy Scott (0S7) - 176 - Pullman (KPUW)
    for a grand total of 1197 nautical miles.

    Has anyone flown into any of the airports along the way and has some good/bad info on where to stay, what to avoid, watch out for or just general info, it would be greatly appreciated.

    So far I found out that Quesnel (CYQZ) is a good stop with fuel, free camping, showers and pilots lounge and a fast food joint a mile from the airport.
    Also 100 mile house (CAV3) has food and motels across the street from the airport.

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    I fly Vancouver to Bella Coola and Terrace quite often in a Seneca. The scenery is spectacular if the weather is good, but downright dangerous if not. Mt. Waddinton is 13,100 ft tall. Fuel is available at a reasonable price in Bella Coola, but not so easy to get into town for lunch and nothing at the airport. I have some contacts for B&B which may be a help. Anahim is also a good stop, completely different weather than the coast. Fuel at Terrace is expensive, but there is a restaurant / car rental at the airport.

    If the coastal weather is bad, you'd do well to head inland from Prince Rupert - Terrace - Smithers. There is a good low level route, although not very direct.


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    Stopped in Bella Bella (the paved strip) on our last trip North. Nice little coffe and sandwich shop right on the field. Gas wasn't any more expensive than elsewhere and everyone was nice. Camped at the tie downs without a problem. Strip is at the end of the road and just like any small town, especially one on an island, people drive the loop and burn their gas all night long, no matter how expensive. No one was gunning the engine or being rude. The headlights just woke me up when they were turning around; until I got used to it.

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