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Thread: PA12 Annual What to look for

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    PA12 Annual What to look for

    I am going through an annual inspection on my PA-12. This is my first aircraft I have purchased. I flew it about 60 hours this past year. It's a beutiful aircraft with all the STC's including an O320, GWI, FLAPS, 30 gallon tanks, Baggage....etc

    Although I am an A&P, I have never worked on small aircraft. If anyone could shed some light on "What to look for" on this aircraft...that would be great.

    Any hints.....looking for the list of things to pay particular attention to.

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    Sam, I tried to send the PA18 inspection report but couldn't attach it through the email form here. If you want it, send me your email.

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    Also may be helpful to you, there is no service manual for the plane. You can however get a book of service bulletins from Univair. lots of stuff in there.

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    Cracked aileron bellcrank due to leaving out washers on both sides of ball ends. Changing them on a covered wing will require one small hole on the top side to remove/reinstall the bolt. Decide now what your going to do when the gas tanks start leaking. Good luck, Jim

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