No I didn't ask him for drawings. I don't know about the "figured it out from photos" either. This was just my rendering of something close to what Javron does on their wings that looks like it makes sense. There is no engineering behind what I have done, but I don't think it will weaken the wing.

I deemed it necessary because I have seen some pictures taken from a certain Javron Cub on amphibious floats. Alaska, Russia(nearly), the Bering Sea and the like. I don't want to be left out of that kind of action if I live long enough to finish my plane. Sounded like Javron did some testing and determined those wings needed a beef up at that kind of gross. Those wings have the same spars I do and I do like to fish.

From reading what others have posted here and from what my gut tells me, if my wing was going to crinkle, it would likely do it just outboard of the strut attachment points. A full wrap outboard of the front strut attachment point on the front spar and a boxing in of the false spar to the rear spar in the 3 bays surrounding the rear strut attachment point looks like a good idea for the weight needed to do it. I also like the fact that I didn't have to drill holes in my rear spar in places that one doesn't normally do to attach ribs.

It is spooky how floppy aluminum wings are until you get the leading edge on and amazing how dramatically different they are once on. I don't have any experience building wood wings, but I would imagine yours will be quite a bit stiffer. I'm not qualified to offer any suggestions there.

I post lots of pictures in hopes someone will speak up if they see something stupid that I have done. This is my first rodeo, I'm learning as I go.

Sorry I'm not more help.