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Thread: Propeller Ballancing

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    Just installed balance master, unfortunately, replaced worn rubber engine mount bushings at the same time. flown about an hr, feels smoother through whole rpm range, I think... - $370 smoother? Not sure yet.

    how about add a weight to ring gear instead of removing balance master to test its effectiveness,
    i might try that after I get a few more hrs on it
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    I'll cut right to the chase, and I won't take 20 hours to do it! I just flew 1.2 hrs, and there is NO QUESTION it is much smoother, at all RPMs. This time, like I said earlier, without the distraction of poor weather and not flying for 31 days. Here is a poor simile for those who have never flown with a 3 blade prop: in the Rotax 912S engine world it is generally accepted that a light carbon fiber 3 bladed prop is as smooth as it gets, which is extremely smooth. Twice I have made the switch from a 2 to a 3 blader, and each time the 2 blade runs a bit rougher. Obviously (I guess) it is because the gobs of air it is throwing behind are bigger, per gob. Or maybe it's more complicated then that, but I believe in the cert aircraft world, a 3 blader is generally considered smoother?? Well now, the close to 1000 hour (with the balance never checked) 78" Prince 2 blade prop is as smooth as the smoothest brand new 3 blade prop I've ever flown behind.

    And, I didn't seem to get the loping action on startup this time, maybe because I gave it a burst of higher R's and that helped the quicksilver get to where it needed to be, quicker. I'm done with my testing, I'm sold, it's a keeper.
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