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Thread: Amazing How Fast the FAA Approves This

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    Amazing How Fast the FAA Approves This

    I wonder what the air space saturation level of these drones will eventually reach? How about the number of times Merrill ATC folks have informed pilots of traffic near Birchwood? Then not be able to find the traffic. There is an RC field in the area. Knowing this I've looked down trying to identify traffic. Can't see the damn things. Did see one after had a couple strobe lights...thought that was cool. But in high population density areas....what's that going to be like?

    The issue of sharing airspace with drones.... I don't want to share. Use of airspace isn't much different than driving on roads and highways. Either require some sort of license. Then think about users airspace and ground traffic, who follows the rules more often than not? Now add in a bunch of adolescents with drones who in this day and age make decisions based on "how likely will I be caught breaking the rules"? Which becomes more dangerous? Playing on the freeway or the idiot who says let's see how close we can get to that airplane as it passes over?
    Another factor is the young defiant nerd one. Any drone with a geo fence, altitude limit or any other operational flight restriction will be seen as something that needs to be defeated simply because it exsists. Same as jail breaking an iPhone to work like a fully manipulatable PC.

    The reality is, we'll be sharing airspace with these things if we like it or not. Some day we'll be sitting around the hanger say things like, remember when we didn't have to have the wiz banger drone identification equipment? Those were the good ole days.

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    I don't spend a lot of my flight time at or below 400' over densely populated areas so I'm not worried about the organizations like Amazon and Google. It's the hoddy guys that we have to worry about and they'll be the most difficult for regulators and enforcement.

    I recently was at Volcano National Park in Hawaii and saw lots of Drones Prohibited signage in the crater area. It never occurred to me but that would be a seriously cool place to fly a camera drone and it's already closed airspace for aircraft.

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    Food for thought. A friend's son is a principal at Alaska Aerial Media. This is a sharp group of kids that have a very promising future. Watch the FLIR demo. The cook inlet clip is another favorite as is the Mount Maraton clip (in the right margin menu). They did a video using drones to film snogo ramp tricks. Very impressive. I'll try to find a link.

    Flying iron. Good stuff!
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    Just approved for South Central Colorado: Alamosa County is the now the holder of two approved COAs (five more pending) that allow testing of UAVs from the surface to 15k MSL in a +8000 square mile area. UAV's will be chased by manned aircraft as they test autonomous operations. Issues: No radar coverage below 15K MSL in the entire area. COAs state no required two way ATC communication. No transponders required. All operations will be announced by Distant Notams and identified by radial/distance from the ALS VOR, no SUA. Approved to operate across Victor Airways. All done under the Public Use Aircraft Statutes. My concern is that this precedent now allows ANY Gov't agency to get a UAV testing area.
    Public Use=airworthiness determined by COA holding Agency and ALL liaibilty assumed by same: FAA can set back and watch it all unfold.

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