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Thread: Super cub as a first plane...

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    Cooley - I just spent the last year looking for my first plane as well. In May I bought a Top Cub. I grew up flying around Alaska in our family’s 180, just to have my dad sell it around the time I was old enough to start training. I solo’d in the mid 90’s in a 150 but due to family commitments, I shelved it and never finished my ticket. Fast forward to this summer and I finally took the plunge. Zero hours tail wheel time, haven’t flown since the mid 90’s.... and having the time of my life with the Top Cub. PM me if you’d like and I’ll share what I learned on my search. Thanks

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    This seven year old thread came back to life without the OP!

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    OWN, don't rent...owning an airplane is an expensive convenience but rewarding in that you can fly it anytime you like, rather than having to fit your time in and around a schedule of renters at a club or fbo. Owning you're own plane will fill you with pride and enable you to get involved with the maintenance and mods you may want in the future. As far as amphibs? They are a compromise, they can do both but...they do fail and they require a lot of maintenance to preclude that they don't fail. As far as projects, if you were to entertain that option? Buy an airplane that will fly more than a project that seemingly never will get done. And my 2 cents on a super cub. Buy a taylorcraft...theyre cheap compared to a super cub. If you wreck it, it won't hurt as much if you wreck an expensive super cub. And Taylorcrafts burn only half the fuel as a cub...good luck
    Quote Originally Posted by Cooley View Post
    Hi all
    i wanted to fly all my life and finally I am close to my check ride having about 75 hours in my logbook.
    i presently fly an old Cessna 172 in my flight school.
    i want to buy my own airplane as soon as I get the licence. I know that many will say - don't buy but rent - but I always wanted to buy one and I have made the decision.

    I love supercubs and the concept of bush flying (I realize I am probably hundred of hours away from real bush flying). My real dream is to get an amphib plane (another few years away)...
    I am struggling to make a choice :

    1. Get tail wheel endorsement and buy a supercub immidiately after getting a rating. Fly few years on wheels and put it on floats as soon as I get reasonable insurance rate.

    2. Buy a nice new light spot as it is cheaper to operate. Fly it for a couple of years, become an experienced pilot, get the tail wheel rating and buy a Sc after.

    In general the question is - is this stupid to buy a sc for fresh greenhorn pilot?

    Thank you!

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    I have been maintaining the original poster's Top Cub for almost as many years as this thread is old. Just realized who it was after it was revived.
    Steve Pierce

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    Quote Originally Posted by flywhatever View Post
    ….. If you wreck it, it won't hurt as much if you wreck an expensive super cub. …..
    My thoughts:
    1) don't wreck it
    2) and/or carry hull insurance
    Cessna Skywagon-- accept no substitute!

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