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Thread: Prop advice wanted for Pacer with Lycoming O-320 150hp

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    Prop advice wanted for Pacer with Lycoming O-320 150hp

    fellow aviators...have a bush-equipped PA 22/20 with tundra tires, VG's, and other mods...good flying Pacer but need more umph. I have a 76 inch 54 pitch prop which is serviceable but has been filed and has a lack of efficiency for sure now. Would like to know options for getting a lot more pull and climb for this plane, have considered an 82 inch 44 pitch McCauley. Anybody have any feedback...anyone out there with a similar set up? Any advice on what prop to put on this thing to get me in and out of short places and overcome sticky snow when I'm on skis?

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    Get an Aeromatic field approval and you'd be a minor hero among us PA-22/20-150 guys.

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    A friend of mine has a pacer with a 150 hp and is running a 82 X40 cruise is about 100 mph with 31s and does pretty good on the gravel bars for what it is. I think 82x44 is a lot of prop maybe 82x42.

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    If you want takeoff and climb performance, I'd go with the 82-41. The 82-44 is way too much for what you want.
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