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Thread: What skis

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    What skis

    I'm looking at putting my 160hp PA12 with 14 gear on skis this winter. I would like to put it on Aeroski 3000 or a Landis ski. I will be flying off deep snow so I'm looking for floatation. The STC for the 3000 doesn't include the 12 so my question is, have you guys been getting field approvals for the aeroski or landis ski on a 12? Any other suggestions for me?
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    Have gotten field approvals for Airglas 3000's on -18's and a -14. The Aero ski is a bit tighter turning ski on a Cub, and offers pretty good float at stock width and exellent float with plastic bottoms that are 2.5 inches wider on each side of the ski.

    However, a quick look at the AC 43.13-2B will provide "acceptable practices" for ski installations in Chapter 5.

    Your IA can interpret the data in this publication and do an installation, often as a log book entry without a field approval or STC.

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    I have a field approval for Landes Airglas 3000 skis on my PA-12. if you'd like a copy of the 337 send me a PM and I'll forward you one along with the supporting documentation. I have no idea what the differential weights are but I suspect you'd be better served by Airglas 2500s with extended bottoms unless you already have a pair of 3000s in hand, which I did. Keep in mind that with 3000s you'll need bushing kits to intall on 1 1/4" axles. Bushing kits add expense.

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    It is the 'long slender' or 'short fat'. Each has an advantage. I remember flying, with a another member here, on a winter day. This particular day the lakes had about a foot of untracked snow. We would land on a lake and circle around to our tracks. I had Aeros and Mike had Landes. I could make a tighter circle and he would get airborne in a shorter distance.

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