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Thread: O-360 Climb Prop: Club versus Pawnee

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    O-360 Climb Prop: Club versus Pawnee

    Looking for thoughts on the 1a200 (aka club) versus the IP235 (aka pawnee) climb props for the O-360.....

    From a scan of the forums and talking to those who know....

    1a200: approved but heavy
    IP235: not approved, but light

    Like the postings here, my FAA friend says McCauley (or any local businesses) won't do the vibe-testing that FAA wants to approve the IP235, in his opinion because it doesn't work out for them as a business decision, i.e. the cost of the testing and approvals ($25k ish) would take too long to recover in STC sales. But the fact is there are alot of IP235's on cubs.

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    I have flown both and could not tell much difference. The 1a200 is 42lbs vs the Pawnee 1p235 38lbs, if memory is correct. I did not fly the Pawnee prop long enough to give it a fair chance, just a few flights. Maybe it would have impressed me more if flown longer. It was same cub and really did not notice much change. I believe pitch was 42 on p235 vs 41 on 200.
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