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Thread: I've rarely seen the US so uniform; cold, not damn cold, but cold!

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    Wink I've rarely seen the US so uniform; cold, not damn cold, but cold!

    Just updated my aero weather sitting in Anchorage. When I left Memphis last night, we were about 5deg colder than Panc, Memphis was 9deg. Very unusual.

    The entire US temp map is one color; blue.

    Anchorage 17
    Memphis 29, ( should be 50's)
    Atlanta 30
    Destin, FL 37
    Graham, TX (Dallas) 30
    Nashville 33
    Minneapolis 24
    Johnson creek 25
    Oklahoma city 32
    Boise 40
    Chicago 30
    NYC 28
    Portland, Or 40
    San Fran, 49

    Weird to see the south getting sacked with everyone else. We've gotten enough snow in Memphis, they're begining to learn to drive in it. Normal to see flurries or dusting on e a year, we've seen at least 6 storms of a couple inches.

    I'm shopping skis so I can be like Eaton.

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    We've had our feel of the cold. Cathy wants to move farther south but I told her I don't want to live in Mexico.
    Steve Pierce

    Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects.
    Will Rogers

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    Hey Steve open something in the hill country.

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    The outskirts of Houston - Bay City, Texas area would be a good place to relocate. Lotta Cubs in this part of the country.
    I fly IFR (I Follow Roads).

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