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Thread: CFI-SP Sport Pilot Instructor

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    CFI-SP Sport Pilot Instructor

    Hey...I just passed my practical test yesterday and I am now a Sport Pilot CFI.

    I am a 20+ year Private Pilot and I like to try something new with aviation every few years to keep myself sharp. I reccommend this to any of you guys with a Private or Sport Pilot's License...It was a great learning experience...I have a new respect for ANY CFI.

    The requirements for application are listed at

    Basically I had to study for and pass a knowledge test on aeronautical knowledge and also a test on Fundamentals of instruction....then do a little flying with a CFI....I did about 4 hrs....gather a bunch of instructional materials, get signed off per FAR requirements and take the practical test....The test was long (6hrs) but not particularly difficult....there is a lot of study guide aids out there. Anyway...I started June 16th and finished just over a month. Now I can give instruction in LSA (Airplane) Land & Sea. Like I said....great learning experience and FUN. Cost me about $800.....

    Knowledge Test (CFI - Airplane) $150
    Knowledge Test (Fundamentals of Instruction) $150
    Practical Test $400
    Flight Instruction & Fuel $100(+-) A friend of mine did instruction & sign offs pro-bono

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    There's a local trike pilot that is close to getting his Sport Pilot CFI. He's very passionate about his flying (went on a ~14 hour trip to Chicago and about the same return over the last few weeks). His view is, folks might look at a Cessna flying over, but they usually will take second looks (or longer looks) at trikes/powered parachutes, etc...

    Admittedly I would love to give it a try someday.

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