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Thread: PA-11 Info

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    PA-11 Info

    Hello all, am looking at a Piper PA-11 and was hoping to get some information from those more knowledgeable. She's got an O-235, two 18 gallon tanks. I am looking to fly a bird onto short strips, go caribou hunting on ridge-tops, fly-fishing on gravel bars...etc.
    I weight 115lbs and am small. I can't seem to find the gross weight in any of her paper work, do any of you know off hand? I have read a useful load of 268Lbs in her latest w&b, which seems really low. Any folk out there fly PA-11 in the manner I am thinking have any thoughts as to how hard to push the useful load and what to expect?
    Am coming from a Cessna 140 and T-cart background who's useful loads were in the 400's.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Gross is 1220lb, empty most weigh in the 750- 790lb range but the one you are looking at might be higher, hand prop or starter?, if it has a starter and battery you could lose that dead weight real quick. I don't know what the gross is for a pa18/95 but the 11 will haul whatever the 18/95 will but will not be legal, solo and light a pa11 will go where ever any light SC will go, or shorter IMHO


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    That would make the pa11 your looking at wt. about 950# empty and i suppose that's possible if it has bigger engine and lots of mods. Ask the owner for empty wt.. 268# sort of makes it strictly a solo fishing plane.
    My pa18-95 wt. is 1045#, which is heavier than most, and my gross is 1500# so i've got 455# useable but the reason is that i have LOTS of mods for my convenience and liking.

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    That is a pretty heavy one. You'd get along OK with it empty, not so much with a load like cubdriver2 says. It would really suffer up on those higher ridge tops, probably take several trips shuttling gear in and out. Those 18 gal. tanks really add the weight, even when you don't fill them. Also, the o235 is heavier and some say makes less power than the C90 or O200. I think lukethedrifter on this site had one once, might PM him.


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    The O-235 11 requires an 11.25 pound ballast weight at station 179 if you want to avoid having to placard it for solo from rear seat only.

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