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Thread: Pilots gun goes off on airliner

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    If this video is correct; than I agree that TSA is 99% responsible!

    and Hey Cloudy, How many get fired for the sterile cockpit rule?
    Not very dambn many I bet!

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    Hoo boy - what ever I might write about regulators could get this sent to R&R in a heartbeat. Now, if EVERYBODY on the plane were issued a handgun, would YOU want to play terrorist? Not me - - - -

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    I think Archie Bunker already had that idea.

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    I've said since 9-11 that all TSA needs to do is go to the DEEP South, and hire a bunch of good ole boy kinda mean type 350 pound BUBBAs--the kind that are just itching to open up a fresh can of Whup Ass.

    Each commercial jet gets one Bubba, seated in 1C (or 1D). Bubba gets a baseball bat, and the instruction that if ANYone (other than flight attendants) tries to move forward of row 1, Bubba is welcome to pulverize them with the ball bat.

    IF, at the end of a flight, the plane isn't highjacked, and nobody goes forward of row 1, Bubba gets a motel room (and it doesn't have to be the Hilton, by the way) and all the beer he wants. Actually, you want him seriously hung over for his next flight, cause that way, he'll be extra serious about his whomping duties, being in a bad mood and all.

    No training required, no guns required, no holsters required, and you won't even have to pay these guys.

    And, I can guarantee you that NOBODY would even THINK about using the forward can, even, with one of those boys guarding it.

    Makes about as much sense as any of the current programs, and could actually provide some in flight entertainment as a bonus....


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    This proves my theory on silly locking devices mandated by government agencies. Don't put anything in the triggerguard except your finger. And don't do that until you are ready to shoot.

    I think he didn't have the device all the way unlocked, jammed his USP down in there with one in the pipe and BANG!! It went off as designed.

    Either don't carry with one in the pipe or carry as God himself intended. Single action only with a slide safety (1911)

    Flame suit on.

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