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Thread: scam

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    To: pat
    Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2007 7:28 AM
    Subject: For Sale mcCauley 1a170/74-48 [0] hrs since reconditioned and yellow taged

    Hello Seller.
    I am Mr Charles by name and I'm Located in NY. I am pleased to write you of your ad for sale on a classifieds site. I want you know that i am interested to purchase if you can confirm the working condition and let me know your asking prices. I will await your quick response immediately.
    Thanks "Charles "

    Pat wrote: Mr Charles thank you for your inquiry on my mcauley 1a170/74-48 zero since overhaul prop for sale Iam asking $1,300.00 if you like I can go to my hanger and take pictures of the prop and paper work and tags to confirm condition if that would be acceptable let me know also for asking price I would pay for shipping. Thanks again:Pat

    Charles "Charles " To: "Pat "
    Subject: Pickup Order
    Date: Tuesday, November 06, 2007 9:13 AM

    Hello Pat ,Thanks for the information of the mcauley 1a170/74-48 zero , I am sorry for the mistake made on my previous email. I am purchasing it for my son as a gift and the price is okay by me for $1300. So i would like you to ignore other offers away and hold it for me, i will offer you an extra $100 only if you can keep it for me and i will come for the pickup or i send my Freight Agent. I do not want you to stress yourself, so id rather sends my Freight Agent to your location for pick up. Please give the information i have requested inorder for my client to make the payment:

    (1)check payable to:
    (2)Home Address:
    (6)telephone number/mobile phone:

    Please send me the information quickly for my business associate who is planning to make payment to you. You should be expecting a U.S cashier's check for $4500 plus the shipping fee to cover the shipping expenses on me because i still have other pick up in Virginia also .The reason is being that my client couldn't issue out a seperate check's on a single transaction like this, due to company policy, so she will be sending a single certified check. You should deduct your amount, i will have to get the remaining balance from you to arrange for my shipper ok.

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Charles

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    Old scam different day..

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    I don't know the link but there is a site where you can forward this stuff to the Secret Service. The more reports the better off we are in avoiding the Nigerian Prince.

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    Check that site out. They make the scammers do all kinds of stupid tricks all the while thinking they are going to get paid....Sorry scammers the scam is on YOU!

    Watch the stunt man video

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    Real stupid scammers, but you have to remember what keeps them going. Ultra stupid people that actually buy into these scams and lose piles of $$ thinking that they are going to get something for nothing. The scambaiters get some of them, but there is always a fresh bunch of brain-dead idiots that keep sending them money.

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    I bet he is not even from New York either.

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