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Thread: In the Beginning.......

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    Send Brad a lucky Coyote foot.

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    To jump in before snert can suggest it...

    I hope you're not thinking of sending out recently worn underwear like I've heard some "ladies" do... EEeeeeewwwwwwh !!

    John Scott

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    Hiya WideBody -

    Well sir, whilst I ah-PRE-she-ates yer' generous offer to "let me offa' the hook" (a true gentleman), we're gonna' have to come to a compromise.

    As I said Momma CD and Poppa CD both impressed upon me young to 'fess up when ah'm wrong and to FIX up what I messed up. (Most times it was imPRESSED ontuh mah BACKside !!)

    Thus I have come up with this offer from which you may choose.

    There WILL be a VOL. III "The Tragedies" although it IS starting to look like a MAY publication date may slide to JUNE of this year.

    I actually just have never had me, a paper sack, and a good-lookin' SuperCub come together at the same place in a long time. But I WILL in fact one day do a "publicity still".

    So you can name your choice. A Freebiie Vol. III or holdout for the autographed 8 x 10 glossy when it DOES become available.

    And Longwinglover -

    I couldn't agree more with your assessment of Snert's thinking process. The man has read one too many Penthouse Forums. If truly "A mind is a terrible thing to waste...." Snert's got more refuse locked up inside there than a Waste Management truck at the end of the route!!

    (Just teasin' Snert Ol' buddy...) Asides. I have been to the Snert house for dinner. He heads a WONDERUL fambly. Mrs. Snert and alla' the Snert youngun's are GREAT folks. I really enjoyed THAT layover.

    And also, I'd never THINK of sending someone any of the worn womens undergarments I have. I worked TOO HARD to GET 'EM!!

    A SUPERIOR pilot, uses his or her SUPERIOR judgement, to stay out of situations which may require the use of their SUPERIOR skills.

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    Well.... He who Dances with Clouds & Sleeps with Playmates

    If you're insistent on paying a debt that was in fun , I'll take
    a crazy photo of sorts when it becomes available.
    Or a lucky coyote foot, but don't get it from SteveE
    unless it was shot up North .
    I don't think the wife would see any humor in the panties idea,
    I'd sure have a lot of splaining to do .


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    Cloudy wrote:

    A promise made is a debt unpaid

    Hummmmmmm , sounds to me like strange things are done in the
    land of the midnight sun...........

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