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Thread: Video revue

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    Video revue

    How about You guys and gals giving some revues about the videos sold on Super Cub .Org,My two favorites are Big Rocks and Long Props,This is My Alaska both can be watched over and over .Mike O

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    Mikeo, i have 3 from steves store.I got big rocks a mont or so back and enjoyed it.Today in the mail i got idaho exposed and this is my alaska.Earlier tonight my 8 yr old boy and i went to my dad's and watched idaho exposed.It is excellent,the scenery and the flying.They land with a 185 in progressively smaller strips,the finally is landing and taking off at mile high.After leaving dads my son and i are watching this is my alaska and it is very good.It has many facets of flying and hunting /fishing.From wolf hunting from cubs to fishing and watching and hunting bears. It would be hard to rate them as they are very different.This is my alaska i beleive would appeal to everyone in the family as it isnt just flying.Idaho exposed is lots of flying with nice scenery.Big rocks is mostly just technical landing/taking off.All excellent in different ways.

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    Idaho Exposed is a great video, Kevin did a great job. I am waiting for my Big Rocks copy to show up so I can review it too.

    Here's a review I wrote for Idaho Exposed. I'm not making any money reselling these, so this is an honest review, just trying to help Griffin Studios out.


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