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Thread: model change PA18-125 to a PA18-150

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    model change PA18-125 to a PA18-150

    Has anyone done a model change from a pa18-125 to a pa18-150?.What all does this take,and any suggestions on where to find this info. thanks

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    Whew many times...

    CubCrasher, cruncher, crafter..Whatever wienerless Cub name you go by...,
    I have been in that same exact spot...
    Sell the 125hp Super and pay the extra bucks to find a 150hp Super Cub that is completed...You will spend much less and if you shop end up with a better bird...for much less money...I went from a 125hp 1951 to a 1994 150hp for much less than just the engine conversion would have been...
    Always a way...
    Welcome to your dues now that you want info..
    As my Daddy always said " There aint no free lunches ".


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    Check the Cub Crafters website. They have a list of everything involved. It will require welding of the fuselage.
    Steve Pierce

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    If you are in the process of rebuilding your cub, it isn't to difficult.

    1. buy the STC from Wag Aero for the Gross weight increase and engine upgrade. You will have to weld a couple tubes in the aft section of the airframe. and drill the holes for the cabane attach to 5/16 and install new cabane vee. Replace the engine, engine mount and baffling with 150 hp items. If yours doesnt have the oil cooler in the front, you will also have to upgrade to a larger oil cooler and replace or modify the nosebowl. You will probably need a new prop and spinner too, depending on what you have on it now.
    If you are wanting to go to 160 HP you will have to use Cub Crafters STC

    If you are not rebuilding the cub, you can just do the engine upgrade and wait on the gross weight increase.

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    Re: Whew many times...

    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Beckett
    ...Pay your dues now that you want info... As my Daddy always said " There aint no free lunches ".

    In all fairness, Sam, there are members here who have been donating to Steve's/Dana's Flying Circus for years in ways not always visible to the general membership. Don't know about Cubcrasher, but a weinerless poster is not necessarily a non-donor.

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    Re: Whew many times...

    Steve's/Dana's Flying Circus
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