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Thread: Leaning

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    I have a bit of an unusual problem that I thought I would see if any of you might have some good information on. I have a PA-18-150. It had its annual about 100 hours ago. Last couple of flights I have taken, when I lean as normal (don't have any gauges, just the old fashioned way), I have after awhile lost a little power like maybe carb icing. When I turn the carb heat on I get a 300-400 RPM drop and it just stays there. I played around with it a lot but the only thing that corrected the problem was just to go full rich; everything functions fine then. This is in California so still pretty warm and wide temperature dew point spread.

    Anyone have any idea what's going on?



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    I had "unusual" problems with mixture and throttle settings on a PA-18-150; things like RPM increases when I added carb heat, unexplained RPM changes (up or down, +/- 100-300 RPM) while in cruise configuration and such. Turns out, the screws attaching the bowl to the bottom of the carb had loosened. Grab the air filter and give it a shake, if it wiggles, you may have a similar problem. The mechanic explained that when the gasket is replaced between the bowl and the carb, the screws have to be tightened and then re-tightened after 24 hours after the gasket compresses. If it wasn't done properly, the problem can manifest itself a long time after the work was completed.

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