Steve has posted some outstanding photos that were submitted for his upcoming calendar and I just looked at the final 50. I wonder how many readers would like to know what the flight was about for those 481 photos, especially the final 50, and to expand on that idea, how about all the other photos in the gallery? A comment area is available in the gallery of course but seldom used but maybe readers might enjoy reading about your trip here. The "rest of the story" so to speak.

I posted a story about a wind storm in Nome not long ago that many viewers seemed to be interested in. Over 500 viewers.

How many around the US and especially World Wide would like to share aviation stories about your home town or areas? The Alps and Andes? Russia, you are on tap too. We know Euro is around and of course "down under". NZ of course. Iceland also. Canada? Until your government gets rid of ours and we become truly one country, I consider Canada as a partner to our country so that makes it only one.

So, lets get our neighbors to share our aviation lives with the rest of us. I am probably the most bashful person around here and if I can say Hi, so can the rest of the 1800 members. Welcome.

Just the reason it is worth while to fly around your areas and country you live in and what is there to see. It does not need to be aviation related actually. I spent several years with Microsoft flight sim and spent lots of time flying into some rather unique landings around the world at unbelievable runways, especially in South America as suggested by a
good pilot friend from Brazil. I used a Porter most of the time of course. Only a turbine Super Cub could have done the same things and that is why I push the idea of the turbine Cub so much but that is a different story.

PM or e-mail me if you would like to share a computer chair travel log with us and let me know and I will set up a thread for each individual area. Since this area does not distract from all the other great areas of the site, lets just think of it as a branch off of a very tall, indestructible, oak tree that lives by the grace of it's living acorns, us, and Steve at it's roots.
I suspect that many of our kids, grand kids and for some of us, great grand kids, our future pilots, would enjoy reading such stories too. A good way to get them involved in washing and waxing your aircraft next spring. By the way, l sell this product that will increase airspeed by maybe 7 mph at same power settings and weather. Tired it and it works.
I also have this ocean front property for sale in Arizona.

I have a feeling many of us might enjoy reading something like this
but if it fails, no loss and saves Steve bandwidth.

Suggestions might be loading photos in the gallery and linking to them to your story and with your subject headline, that made the trip worth while or plan a trip and carry a camera with the thought of posting a complete story around here. Photos speak louder than words (except for a wife, woops did I really say that?) you know but when both used together, we get the total picture.

My concept is to provide an area, not used yet, where everyone can let it all hang out and be honest about an experience. Remember guys, in no way is it an R&R area and if it gets to that, it is long gone. It would be intended as entertainment only, not instruction. Steve already has those areas.

By the way, don't forget planning for next years calendar photos and story.

Thoughts anyone?

Just another way to help build Steve's great site and make it number uno and having other sites ask him if it is OK to link his site to theirs.