I found this file tonight to post for some reason.

There is a company near here that has a government contract to build up the MREs (meals ready to eat) for the military world wide. When this contract was awarded, there was an immediate need for many workers and since McAllen is very close to Mexico, guess where many of the workers might come from to work at minimum wages or below. All goes well and the contract was going OK and there was a good source of supply, right? Except...

All of a sudden, the feds, possibly the FBI as reported, came up with the idea that it would be a good way to contaminate our military personnel's food, especially in Iraq, so the eyes of government finally opened after two years. An undercover investigation was started about the employees of that company and the company's operation. Come to find out, there were many illegal workers from Mexico working. We all know that can happen and anyone with knowledge of the meat industry in the midwest knows what I am talking about. After all, many of our own government VIPs employ illegal aliens at low pay as house keepers and nannys and do not even pay fed taxes for them.

In this locality in deep south Texas where I live, we know there are 4 different Al Quida cells working just across the border from me (20 miles away) so it does get interesting at times when cars go by at 90 mph with the red and blues flashing and all of a sudden my scanner goes ballistic but it does not seem that Mexico in this area is concerned. Sorry to say that for those from Mexico but I must admit, it is not the same all over the country. The main routes across the border illegally for those groups are right by me to 10 miles west. It is estimated that only 10% of those crossing across the border in my area are caught and than sent right back to Mexico. Does that mean that 90% of Al Quida are able to enter? We knew we got one from South Africa that made it across and that got caught. It is easy for them to recruit because many across the border are very upset with the US anyway. There are a lot of our government helicopters flying around all the time and they have some fantastic equipment on board. Without going too far into them and their equipment, I suspect at their normal cruise altitude, they could even see me breathe and if I had the drapes open they could read the copy I am typing right now.

Come to find out, a company nearby started up to supply workers for the MRE company that furnished illegal immigrants with forged paperwork and social security cards supplied by the company.
The situation with the MRE company seems to be on the way to being corrected but who knows just how deep the infiltration might be and this is only one company. A little anthrax here and there?. Undercover information indicates there was (and may still be) lots of kickbacks and bribes for that company to get the government contracts. For me, lets just say it is hearsay.

Needless to say, this information is only what is being released to the media so guess what is not reported.

Oh how I wish I was back in aviation and flying those beautiful Cubs that I see in the photo albums.