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Thread: Discovery Wings channel special on the L-4

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    Discovery Wings channel special on the L-4

    There is a really good special on the military L-4 at 11:30 PM tonight, Pacific time, and will run again later. Some great history for sure. A
    Cub upside down in a loop, spins, and than on to the Super Cub. Good old Charlie, the old white beared backwoods farmer type that wins a free ride than sits in the back seat while the pilot props the aircraft. The tail wheel comes off the aircraft on taxi out and the front seat pilot gets out to check the tailwheel and the old timer firewalls by accident and off he goes. We all have a good idea just what a J-3 can do with a good pilot if they really know what they are doing. For the newcomers and very low time pilots here, what Charlie can do with that Cub is unbelievable. Sits there after roll out with enough power after landing and holding the tail up and not moving forward.
    Worth watching for sure even for the old timers like myself.

    Even some of the Alaska type modifications that I believe came from Dodge to carry plywood.

    I never got a chance to fly a Super Cub, only the rich man's Cub, the PC-6 Porter so I really envy you guys and gals The Porter was fun to play with but not nearly as forgiving as a Cub. Hydroplaning on a lake with a big tire Cub has to produce lots and lots of adrenalin for sure.

    Enjoy the program if you get a chance.

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    Just caught a replay of the program.... GOOD STUFF!


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