I have recently returned from a vacation in Alaska.
What a great place it is!!!

Spectacular scenery and great fishing.
I was only around on the Kenai Peninsula area....but thats more than you can see in a short stay.

We were halibut fishing and sightseeing for 10 days.
Places like Homer, Seward, Soldotna, Anchorage, Palmer, and Matanuska are more than just a name on a map now, but great memories and adventure.

And an added bonus was seeing all the aviation activity that takes place up there.
You folks that fly up there are a special bunch.....I think it would take quite a while for a rookie flatlander pilot like me to get used to flying in that terrain and weather.

I wanted to get an air charter up to Denali after we were done fishing...but the smoke blew in from up north and restricted visibility ( at least for me) and I didn't get to go.

I wish I would have had time to look up a few of you SUPERCUB.ORG guys that reside up there....but there wasn't time...and my non-flying traveling buddies wouldn't have understood my fascination.

I did have time to make a drive around Lake Hood and check out the air museum there....GREAT PLACE....a MUST SEE for anybody that loves aviation and small planes.

All in all...Alaska is a place that I want to see more of...and that I will encourage others to see for themselves.
Anybody that flies from up there traveling past South Dakota is welcome to stop by my place to visit...especially if they have halibut they can spare