Wonder how many Super Cub drivers out there living in remote areas like Alaska or any rural area have been asked by the better half (that could mean a lady pilot and male cook of course) to run to town and pick up a head of cabbage for a corned beef dinner (and don't forget the carrots and potatoes as the engine turns over and fires up). Crank up the Cub of course (car? what is that?) and head to the usual business area where the local FBO loans you his car to run into town and get your chores done. Wife loves it since she knows there will be no cold ones to detract you. I guess now days it might even be a helicopter.


Now if you live in Alaska, you might come home with a head like the one in the link but how do you get it in the back seat of the Cub and it will not fit in the extended baggage area for sure? The FAA frowns on outside tie downs so that will not work. The head in the link above was grown near Palmer, Alaska in 2003 and, as I recall, weighs 84.5 pounds and the record is 104 pounds. The growing procedure (and seeds) are all secret of course. Those in Alaska may like to update me on the newer weights though. My sister in Anchorage used to grow strawberries the size of apples and radishes the size of oranges. Twenty hours of growing daylight does wonders for growing things. Oh how I could add to that.

Wonder how many pilots flying the remote areas of Alaska with just the right light conditions ever saw the ground suddenly turn blue from all the blueberries the size of Bing Cherries. The bears love those areas just as they do the salmonberry country.