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Thread: Experimental Cubs & Extreme Stol Devices, Flaps,slats,sl

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    About anything Denny Thompson ever did with a Maule or a Cub was worth paying attention to. He had an approach
    to landing; that would net you less forward momentum, than any other type. We used to refer to it as "helicoptering" a Cub. Lots of guys tryed to imitate Dennys
    technique, with very few true impersonations....... Fellow
    pilots used to comment " Denny could land shorter with NO brakes than most of us could WITH brakes! ( low preasure in those days)
    Denny was the master craftsman in a PA-18. Sorta like Bob Hover , maybe one guy out of thousands; Would ever have their natural talent, for "top of the class"airmanship.
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