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  1. Seaworthy

    Brake Cylinders

    Steve Pierce and Skywagon. The heel brakes in my PA-12 were great for 18 years---resevoir top off at annual worked great, Approx two years ago the brakes became "squishy. Now they go almost to the floor and I really can't hold it at the 1700 RPM run up. To my knowledge and belief the...
  2. Seaworthy

    What is best CRUISE prop and pitch for a PA12/PA18 with a 160hp O320-A2B on wheels to give the best cruise speed on long X/C trips?

    I have a Sensenich 76-56--O-320 ( PA-12_ Kenmore STC) that puts out closer to 160 HP. I have 26" Goodyears. I have a very short T/O run on tarmac. during cool/cold weather I have to throttle back to 2300 or the prop will pull the wings off. The ASI and GPS agree that cruise is at 115 MPH. I do...
  3. Seaworthy

    PA-12 Wing value ?

  4. Seaworthy

    Happy Birthday Marines

    Lt Col Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller Battalion Commander on Peleliu 2nd from left
  5. Seaworthy

    Happy Birthday Marines

    I was at Quang Tri Combat Base 1968-69 at the Air Station with Marine Observation Squadron Six. Semper Fidelis and God Bless your family. Tom Constantine-- Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC ret Our call sign was Seaworthy
  6. Seaworthy

    Happy Birthday Marines

    Lou, Don't know if you recall Gary Garvey who was in metal shop at Los Al. He surfaced at a Popasmoke reunion about six years ago. Gary went over to RVN and flew with 167 at MMAF. When he came back home he got out and went to divinity school and became a Methodist minister and went back into...
  7. Seaworthy

    Oops, darn it...

    Steve--When I began to fly the county fire plane about ten years ago I had not had but about five hours in a an 18 and this aircraft did not have VG's. I asked a knowledge pilot that did upset/ unusual attitude training to give me a thorough checkout as I am leery of flying aircraft that I am...
  8. Seaworthy

    Oops, darn it...

    Did I miss anyone mention vertigo or TIA?
  9. Seaworthy

    Scrappy at OshKosh?

    The A-4 Skyhawk had leading edge slats/flaps that were uncontrolled and raised/lowered by aerodynamic forces (AOA/ airspeed) The wing was the size of a postage stamp and the original engines not that powerful, thrust/weight, yet the wing generated significant lift.
  10. Seaworthy

    DracoX - speculation

    Having participated in rescue missions in a multi axis hostile environment---many years ago, helicopters have many drawbacks-- speed, size, gross wt/ density altitude issues, noise, cost, parts, maintenance, range, weapons, loiter time, anti aircraft threat. We had OV-10's, O1-C's, Huey guns in...
  11. Seaworthy

    DracoX - speculation

    The cost of operating a fixed wing is pennies on the dollar compared to rotary wing. Parts--maintenance all figure into the equation. No doubt tey are already looking at extraction systems/ spey rigging for this aircraft--or one like it.
  12. Seaworthy

    Main Circuit Breaker Popping

    While you have the engine out-- look for an intermittent short in a line that would normally carry high amperage ie from the battery, starter etc. Wire going through/ around where it may have a chafe and an intermittent ground. Pulling that many amps you could look for scorching/ burning. A...
  13. Seaworthy

    Worst airport in America!

    If Ogden takes a dime in federal money--they must conform to ALL federal laws. There must be female pilots/ plane owners adversely affected. File discrimination lawsuits seeking cease and desist and seek damages. It is obvious that they are attempting to destroy the airport--for whatever reason.
  14. Seaworthy

    Fun Wing Tip Experiment (uploaded for Skywagon)

    " it could easily out run two different local PA-12s on wheels without pushing the power up. " Hey----you never said we were having a race!
  15. Seaworthy

    Wing tip lights

    As an employee in public safety and augering around the skies for 50 + years the best advice I can give you is always keep in mind that you could be a 747 lit up with day glo orange with 360 degree strobes and someone will take a shot at you. Being "lit up" will make folks "who are looking"...
  16. Seaworthy

    Wing tip lights

    WHELEN LIGHTHEADS MODEL A650 PG/PR SERIES | California Power Systems (cps-parts.com)
  17. Seaworthy

    ADSB Tail Beacon Mounting Issues

    Hole saw that was a micron less in diameter than the outer bezel. Had no impact on the structural integrity of the original tail light mount/ aperature--just made it wider
  18. Seaworthy

    ADSB Tail Beacon Mounting Issues

  19. Seaworthy

    The big slip

    "Flying on the edge is safe as long as you know where the edge is." Sage advice for many things in life. Problem is, the location of "The Edge" was often illusive to me. Closer proximity to "The Edge" often results in the exponential increase in the exhilaration factor.
  20. Seaworthy

    ADSB-Out concerns

    I live under a Class B veil. Since I have been using the ADS B out I have taken a look at the Flight Aware monitoring of my flights. I assume they are receiving the feed from Nashua Center/ Boston App Cntrl. To date only partial readout of each flight has been recorded. They generally do not...