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  1. Jacob Papp

    J3 Prop Length

    The 80-34 Cato that Glenn referenced is the way to go… it squeezed every bit of power from the c90 and ran smooth. No issues for ground clearance with standard gear 8.50s
  2. Jacob Papp

    North East Winter Fun 22/23

    more showed up :) Sent from my iPhone using SuperCub.Org mobile app
  3. Jacob Papp

    Super Cub owners in New Zealand

    I suppose I am a “temporary resident” lol
  4. Jacob Papp

    how cold is it where your at?

    It’s warmed up over the past month from -50C at South Pole. NZSP 201750Z 06003KT 9999 SCT120 M28/ A2856 RMK CLN AIR 04004KT ALL WNDS GRID SDG/HDG
  5. Jacob Papp

    Oil cooling on C-90 Super Cub?

    You have any pictures of this blast tube set up?
  6. Jacob Papp

    Super Cub in Kangerlussuaq Greenland

    Thanks to the SupeCub.org community I was successful in making contact. Thank you!
  7. Jacob Papp

    Island Bob

    Bob was a great friend with a larger than life personality. He will not only be missed by me but all those who were blessed to know the infamous “Island Bob”
  8. Jacob Papp

    Super Cub in Kangerlussuaq Greenland

    Thank you for trying Steve!
  9. Jacob Papp

    Super Cub in Kangerlussuaq Greenland

    Does anyone know who owns the Super Cub that’s based in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (BGSF) I’ve seen it flying around and would be interested in meeting a fellow Cub driver abroad :) -Jake
  10. Jacob Papp

    Show us your J3....

    Here are a couple good ones for the infamous Island Bobs this past summer.
  11. Jacob Papp

    Base Station Radio

    Does anyone have any old Base Station Radios laying around? I want to build or buy a radio I can set up in the house and talk to my buddies when I hear them flying around. Right now I have a hand held but it has its limitations. Let me know what you have or find useful! ;-)
  12. Jacob Papp

    Big Ski Plane Downtown... Jake is that You?

    Hmmmmm. Looks familiar
  13. Jacob Papp

    Finally flew my StarDuster

    You'll have a ball with that little bi-plane! My father-in-law put his on skis last winter. Cover the front cockpit and you'll be able to fly all day.
  14. Jacob Papp

    Cubcrafters Unveils New Carbon Cubs: EX-3 and FX-3

    Saturday I had the privilege of flying the FX-3. Mark Keneston from Cub Crafters hosted the event at the Saratoga Airport in Upstate NY. I was impressed with the performance of the airplane! It jumped off the ground and kept climbing at 50mph. When level in the pattern, while throttled back...
  15. Jacob Papp

    Jake Papp and His Fellow National Guard Airmen Train in the Twin Cities

    Old cockroach was keeping us in line. Had a good trip!
  16. Jacob Papp

    SuperCub.Org at the Bottom of the World! - Jacob Papp checks in from way "down under"

    We takeoff regularly from Willy Field at 155,000lbs. Would love to bring up the Herk, but I don't think we would be able to get that waiver through in time. That and most of the planes are still down on "The Ice" :roll: As far as lunch goes you're welcome anytime!
  17. Jacob Papp

    Got a new Windsock

    Used 2x10ft pieces of galvanized conduit with black pipe adapters at the top. Painted it, posted it 3ft down only tapping it (no concrete incase you want to move it) and it has held up to some KICKIN winds. Come by and check it out again :)
  18. Jacob Papp

    Airstrip Registration, Pros and Cons

    Anybody have any experience with NY?
  19. Jacob Papp

    800x4 for Off Airport Landing in a J3 c90

    I just put Airstreaks on my J3 with a C-85 replacing my 8.00s, Airstreaks are significant a upgrade. The 8.00s are great on the grass, dirt, and pavement!
  20. Jacob Papp

    Airstrip Registration, Pros and Cons

    I understand all that is listed in the AC. But my question is there any protection for the owner if it is registered? For instance are there federal zoning protection laws that would prevent towers and other structures to be built within a certain radius? Are there any fees that are associated...