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  1. gtwingman

    Good overhaul shop?

    I definitely agree about Lycon being the best. I have been a customer for a bunch of years and highly recommend them.
  2. gtwingman

    Which new pickup truck?

    Ditto. I was always a GM guy until the bailout but JMO is right. Go American. Go Ford. I love my F-150. Not only does Ford make a great truck they also are the only one of the big 3 three who did not shaft their stock and bond holders.
  3. gtwingman

    Lifting supercubs

    I am in the process of installing 3" extended gear on my SC. Has anyone used the Atlee Dodge wing jacks? Looks like a simple way to lift the plane.
  4. gtwingman

    Tool For Replacing Elevator and Rudder Bushings

    Hope I am not too late. I would like the tool and flex socket also. Thanks.
  5. gtwingman

    Drift HD170 - My review from a pilots perspective

    Great video supilot. Spielberg has nothin on you. 5 stars amigo.
  6. gtwingman

    Hose, gascolator to carburetor

    Muchos gracias. I appreciate the info.
  7. gtwingman

    Hose, gascolator to carburetor

    I have one of those gascolators that leak when I look at it the wrong way. How do I get in touch with Steve's Aircraft? Thanks.
  8. gtwingman

    Please weigh in

    Great Weight and Balance Sheet. I would like to make one up for my SC. Is there a template available or did you make it from scratch? Thanks.
  9. gtwingman

    Prop didn't pass...

    Just a few weeks ago I purchased a Borer from Cubcrafters for $2995. I was helped by a lovely lady named Vera who was extremely good to work with. Awesome prop, very happy.
  10. gtwingman

    McCauley Correspondence - Borer Prop

    I saw Borer props on Barnstormers today for $2900. Think we can beat that?
  11. gtwingman

    McCauley Correspondence - Borer Prop

    Helpful info. Tough choice. Thank you.
  12. gtwingman

    McCauley Correspondence - Borer Prop

    I just put on a set of 31" ABWs and now I am looking for a Boer prop. I have a 150 hp SC and want a little more take off performance. I am looking for advice on what pitch to get. I understand the Boer is available with a pitch of 40-44". Most of my off road stuff is pretty tame so I am...
  13. gtwingman

    Tundra tires or skis?

    Thanks for the info, greatly appreciated.
  14. gtwingman

    Tundra tires or skis?

    My SC is not an experimental and I picked it up about 5 months ago. Been grinnin ever since. Bought the tires from a buddy who bought them new and he never used them. I called ABW, great to work with, and they sent me the STC. (Damn they make the plane look good.) My A&P and I have recomputed...
  15. gtwingman

    Tundra tires or skis?

    I just put a pair of 31's on my SC over the weekend and I am now told that I need to keep a corrected weight and balance sheet in the plane along with a form 337. Not sure what a 337 is. Can anyone give me a bit of advice on this? Muchos gracias.
  16. gtwingman

    flat tire

    Nose wheel, what is that?
  17. gtwingman

    underseat battery - advantages?

    Had to hand prop my J-3 Cub the other day....mags were off and the day was nice and warm. I always pull the prop through a couple of time before I flip the mags on. On the first pull the little bird started right up....scared the holy crud right out of me. I have been hand starting my cub for 10...