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  1. TirolCub

    Wipaire 2000 lbs gross weight increase?

    Hi, does anybody has some pictures of the „Main landing gear modification“ according to the Wipaire STC ? Just curious what has to be done … Thank you and happy landings
  2. TirolCub

    Paul Claus this Wednesday on the HDHP!

    Steve, first of all thank you for your HDHP YouTube series ���� that is one positive side of the pamdemic looking them in lockdown�� I have seen close to all and kudos to all participants in front of the camera, presenting their storys. The last HDHP...
  3. TirolCub

    How I almost Wrecked My Super Cub Today

    Steve, thank you for sharing and glad your ok !
  4. TirolCub

    Lost Pops last evening

    Sorry for your loss ...
  5. TirolCub

    Where did you fly today?

    Hi, it’s called „Kühtai“ and yes it is open. But due to Covid restrictions it is not crowded at the moment. This year lot‘s of people are also walking up the mountains with so called „touring skis“. https://www.tyrol.com/things-to-do/sports/skiing/ski-resorts/a-kuehtai-ski-area
  6. TirolCub

    Where did you fly today?

    ... enjoyed a very nice day in the alps ...
  7. TirolCub

    Tailwheel spring adjustment?

    Maybe this link will help a little to adjust your tailwheel properly ... https://youtu.be/QtokU8mIDQk
  8. TirolCub

    Fastest groundspeed

    Here is an interesting site for Groundspeeds ... https://groundspeedrecords.com/
  9. TirolCub

    Carb Air Temp Gauges

    ... just a reminder ...
  10. TirolCub

    Tail wheel shimmy

    ... have you checked your tailwheel spring ?
  11. TirolCub

    Where did you fly today?

    Some more pictures from our last trip towards Italy ... ... not so much flying focused but landed on one of the oldest airfields in Italy to visit Venice ... Happy landings
  12. TirolCub

    Where did you fly today?

    Cub flying towards northern Italy ... Spend a few days in northern Italy with stunning lakes and some mountain fields ...
  13. TirolCub

    Lycoming O320 A2B Spark Plugs

    Hi there, interested which Spark Plugs where used for a Lycoming O320 A2B here ? To my knowledge most are using Champion REM40E. Just curious because the Champion Aviation Catalogue says REM37BY ? OK, the heat index is just a little lower on the 37 but why are most mechanics using the 40 ...
  14. TirolCub

    Where did you fly today?

    ... flew the Cub to this year’s annual. Beautiful weather and stunning views ...
  15. TirolCub

    Looking for a fold up bike!

    ... depends on your needs, these are very common here over the pond ... https://www.brompton.com/bikes/superlight
  16. TirolCub

    Steve's Brake Boosters

    Sounds great Gordon, any chance for some pictures ? Thxs
  17. TirolCub

    Spalled Camshaft

    Windy, which year was your last overhaul and did you had some metallic particles in your oil filter after examination? There was a Lycoming SI No.1543, dated February 23 2012 out there relating a batch of faulty tappets. And look out for „Airworthiness Bulletin AWB 85-014“ from the Australian...
  18. TirolCub

    Bill Rusk Presents: "One mans Journey in a Super Cub from Barrow to Ketchikan"

    Thank you Bill and Steve (and all others involved) for your time and work to share this great trip with us. Stay safe, Anthony sorry for the upside down picture. We have a very nice evening looking that video ;)
  19. TirolCub

    Where did you fly today?

    ... is your Compass working properly in this position? btw, awesome pictures ... Happy landings