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  1. KJC

    Inboard wing rib cover.

    When you cover the bottom of the wing, leave the fabric about 18” long on the butt rib side. Make two slits for the spars and then pull the fabric up over the top of the rib and glue. I takes a little bit of work with a finish iron to make the leading edge area and trailing edge area nice...
  2. KJC

    PA 14 wings on a PA 12

    Gentleman I’ve been watching this this thread with some interest and I’d like to chime in here with some sage like advise. What you do with my advise is up to you. I’ve owned and rebuilt a PA-12 that I did the flap mod on and also owned a PA-14 and PA-18. Like some of the posters here I was...
  3. KJC

    PA-12 Wing value ?

    Remember that even a good looking set of wings will still need a lot of work. All the steel parts needs to come off and be bead blasted primed and painted or powdercoated. You should also replace the tip bows just due to age and look for dents on the leading edges. I’m not positive but I bet new...
  4. KJC

    Is there a better heat box for a PA-18?

    Atlee stainless
  5. KJC

    PA-12 turtle deck?

  6. KJC

    PA-12 turtle deck?

    Old picture but you get the idea. This one has the reverse dogleg, cathedral Pa-14 style brace and extended baggage.
  7. KJC

    PA-12 turtle deck?

    Looks like an original fuselage that got disastered somewhere along the way.
  8. KJC

    What is the Univair/Stoddard STC-SE508AL CRANKCASE BREATHER mod?

    Actually not the worst idea. Makes sense to me. Here’s the drawing for the original tube if your making you own.
  9. KJC

    Tank Bay Wing Rib Braces

    Thank you both very much!!
  10. KJC

    Tank Bay Wing Rib Braces

    I’m looking for some help on the placement of the braces for the upper outboard tank bay rib. The braces have to clear the aileron cable. I pulled the drawings and if I’m reading it correctly, the shorter one goes 2 1/4” below the spar and the bigger outboard one goes on the spar centerline...
  11. KJC

    Dakota 24 gallon tanks with CC headerless STC

    Even better because it allows more flexibility with type of tanks.
  12. KJC

    Dakota 24 gallon tanks with CC headerless STC

    Just a suggestion, but if you have the old style fuel valve and gascolator you may want to give Dakota Cub a call. I believe that if you buy new tanks, valve and gascolator, they will throw in their STC paperwork for the headerless system for free. That way you’re not mixing STC’s. The valve is...
  13. KJC

    crankcase breather

    Or just order one that fits properly…….. It mounts to the engine mount not the firewall.
  14. KJC

    Rudder limits

  15. KJC

    Kydex interior panels

    Thanks for the compliment. Just remember if you make a phone call to Jay, they show up and all you have to do is some trimming and fitting. If you make them from Kydex, it’s an awful lot of time and work making patters out of cardboard and fitting them. Also you will need a sheet metal brake for...
  16. KJC

    Kydex interior panels

    Doesn’t Jay send .020 aluminum interior panels with the kit? If he did, I would use them. Light and precut. If not, Kydex is a good alternative. I’ve done two cubs using Kydex T. Make sure you get the Kydex T and not some other Kydex product. I think I used .040. The last one I did I used a...
  17. KJC

    Just a -12 recover.... uhhh nope

    Ok. Atlee Dodge big 30 gal tanks will do. Use the Atlee Tube sight gauges. Maybe call and ask Atlee if they have some install instructions for those tanks. In lieu of any instructions, plumb fore and aft lines to the Dakota Valve and get rid of the header tank. The header tanks never had a...
  18. KJC

    Just a -12 recover.... uhhh nope

    Rsrguy, The above statements are all true. Let me expand on this a little: Early PA-12s had the front header tank mounted vertically just you show in the above picture. I think what you have is stock. Sometime in 1947, they eliminated the header tank and this caused issues with fuel tank...
  19. KJC

    Fuel Tank Bonding

    Yes, they need to be grounded. Here is the tab on a Dakota Cub tank.
  20. KJC

    Control stick forward position modifications on instrument panel

    I believe I understood the point quite well. The OP would like to have full travel of the elevators, nose down without the stick hitting the panel. Adjusting the turnbuckles not only moves the relationship of the stick to the elevators, it also moves the stick position in relation to the panel...