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  1. brown bear

    Carb leak at throttle arm

    If I had a ma3spa that I was happy with how it was running, I would check the float and then repair as needed . but that’s just me.
  2. brown bear

    Light Sport NPRM finally released

    Stewardb for some basic med would require a special issuance 1st before going basic med not so with sport pilot
  3. brown bear

    Basic Med through Canada??

    Would you need a medical to get back into the US ??
  4. brown bear

    Project: Citabria 7 GCBCrebuilt in the experimental category

    AC 20-27G might be a good read for those building a EAB aircraft in the U.S. for use of type certificated salvage parts start reading on page 11
  5. brown bear

    Oops, darn it...

  6. brown bear

    Run Without Prop?

    You can buy the U V dye at NAPA and a cat urine flash light from Walmart works well for the light
  7. brown bear

    Front or rear alternator - experimental IO375

    I ran that alt for 1800 hours on a 0320 ,because of the pulley size it put more than the rated 15 amps it’s been awhile so I don’t remember the exact out put but over 20 amp
  8. brown bear

    Iditarod or bust

    He just crossed into Alaska ��
  9. brown bear

    Iditarod or bust

    I’m looking forward to following your trip. I’ve done it five times. Each was a great experience that I’ll always remember But I was never tough enough to try it in February! . My hats off to you.
  10. brown bear

    Slats vs no slats: Flight test

    A cleaner / faster plane will probably lose more speed with this type of slats it’s about % of drag I have over 2500 hours of slat time and love them ��
  11. brown bear

    Van's throttle/mixture bracket.

    Both these guys can make any length you want https://cablecraft.com/ https://www.mcfarlaneaviation.com/
  12. brown bear

    Glide ratio heavy PA18 w/slats?

    From long ago private pilot training : I was taught that best glide ratio does not change with weight, but speed for that glide ratio does. As the weight goes up so does the speed for best glide ratio. But I forget things��
  13. brown bear

    24th Anniversary of the crash that led to SuperCub.Org

    Old and forgetful I am always very conscious of where I laid my fuel cap. I never laying it on the wing, maybe on the ladder maybe on the pilot seat If on the ladder it’ll fall off when I put the ladder up if in the pilot seat, I’ll sit on it when I get in, but never on the wing I am just...
  14. brown bear

    Van's RV-15

    look at the flap tracks and the wing leading edge , slats? slots ? hard to tell . Doug
  15. brown bear

    C180 air filter options

  16. brown bear

    C180 air filter options

  17. brown bear

    Carbon Cub Preemptive Modification

    Where can I get a "river squeezer" :-)
  18. brown bear

    Building a 4 Seat (4S) Javron Cub

    love my Whitney punch !
  19. brown bear

    New Titan 340 Engine Break in - High CHT's

    How much EGT rise do you get when leaning ?
  20. brown bear

    PA-18 2-Bolt Titanium Tail Spring (Experimental)

    DIY Ti gear build