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  1. tedwaltman1

    Carbon Seats

    Let’s build a Carbon Fiber one!
  2. tedwaltman1


    I looked at the email, then on their website. Perhaps I missed it, but I don’t see any weight number? It would be nice to compare the weight of their titanium to that of Acme, AOSS, TK1, …
  3. tedwaltman1

    Devils Canyon: Near Death Aircraft Rescue

    Great story. Found the above excellent post due to the redesign of the site software—thank you SJ!
  4. tedwaltman1

    New Carbon Fiber

    That looks fantastic! Great job!
  5. tedwaltman1

    Carbon Fiber parts for your Super Cub

    I’m sorry Bcone, but in my experience 20” is -at best- maybe barely sufficient vacuum. At least 23” is required, if not more, to achieve acceptable results. At 20” very little excess is pulled thru the layup to the breather cloth. Ted
  6. tedwaltman1

    Carbon Fiber parts for your Super Cub

    Thank you for your input folks. I can assure you, everything I've learned has been thru the school of hard knocks and repetitive mistakes. There are hundreds of "How To" YouTube videos on composite techniques. With rare exception, almost every video leaves out one or more key steps...
  7. tedwaltman1

    Carbon Fiber parts for your Super Cub

    Thank you Mike. I created various inlet ramp pieces with duct tape & scrap aluminum and tested each at various power/cruise settings. These angles seemed to work best. I made a mold (foam/clay) then laid up fiberglass. Then vacuum bagged CF onto the left & right molds.
  8. tedwaltman1

    Carbon Fiber parts for your Super Cub

    I somehow thru Internet research stumbled on this "Excel 5 Continuous Run" pump. I bought a plug-in timer at the hardware store; I run the pump for 6 hours and then let cure over night. Here's the link where I ordered the pump...
  9. tedwaltman1

    New Carbon Fiber

    Looks great! I’m curious why you chose a flat(ish) flange up against the windshield rather than simply abutting the fairing with rubber molding as I did? Nothing wrong with your approach, I’m just curious. Good job!
  10. tedwaltman1

    Carbon Fiber parts for your Super Cub

    I will do a more extensive "How To" on the door frame process at some point this winter (remind me...). Several approaches tried to make square tubing--all unsuccessful. So ended up making two "halves" and glueing together. Used existing frame to make a layout jig. Used hardware store wood...
  11. tedwaltman1

    Carbon Fiber parts for your Super Cub

    Alaska…I can be on the next plane (grin!)
  12. tedwaltman1

    Carbon Fiber parts for your Super Cub

    I believe the door/window frames (as I recall) were 3 layers of 5.9 oz twill. I have weight pictures. I think I saved a pound+ per frame, so three pounds total.
  13. tedwaltman1

    New Carbon Fiber

    A better, more effective inlet vent design is on my "to do" list Denny!
  14. tedwaltman1

    Carbon Fiber parts for your Super Cub

    One of my hobbies is making carbon fiber parts and pieces for my experimental Super Cub. Current (hundreds of hours) project is making CF slats. I will publish a long "how to" and "flight test report" soon (Jan or Feb) on this project. I'm happy to answer questions and provide tips. I'm no...
  15. tedwaltman1

    New Carbon Fiber

    I made CF fairings as seen below. Protect windscreen & other areas with green "frog" tape. Put clear packing tape over the green frog tape. Add one later of release wax if desired. Wet out CF on table (use squeegee to minimize excess resin). Lay CF in desired location. Assuming your CF is...
  16. tedwaltman1

    Thankful on Thanksgiving

    So thankful for you and especially for Lyn! And thank you, George, for frequently contributing always wise, helpful content here so many times throughout the years!
  17. tedwaltman1

    CubCrafters Releases G3X Integrated Infrared Camera for Backcountry Situational Awareness

    No offense, but I simply cannot imagine any situation where I would “need” this?
  18. tedwaltman1

    Where did you fly today?

    The beaches near there, eg La Perouse, are amongst my all time favorite spots!
  19. tedwaltman1

    HDHP: Navigating Your Aeromedical Certification Without Relying On Divine Intervention

    Wow! What a super interesting and thoroughly informative presentation Randy. THANK YOU so very much!
  20. tedwaltman1

    Tailspring bolt

    Now this is a "slightly" deformed front tailspring bolt. From many years ago when the bolt was --very-- loose which I never (shame on me) noticed during pre-flight inspections. Now I have bright orange Torque Seal 83314 on the bolt which I look at very carefully before each flight!