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  1. 55-PA18A

    Sensenich Ground Adjustable Prop

    So what is the FAA’s definition of a “seat”? I suspect most who install the STC do so to increase the legal capacity of the baggage area, with no intention of anyone actually riding back there. But any mention I’ve seen about this always refers to the “Third Seat”.
  2. 55-PA18A

    Seat pan and back

    Wrap the frames with Ceconite like Mike said. Or,…buy a new piece of plywood.
  3. 55-PA18A

    Sensenich Ground Adjustable Prop

    Has anyone had a chance to use one of these props on skis or floats? Are they approved to use on skis or floats? PIREP? Any axle height requirement like for a Borer? Jim
  4. 55-PA18A

    2x4 rear strut bracing

    I’ve always just used a 2x4 and wraps of cord. With the right kind of cord and knots, you can keep the wraps tight. Sometimes when I needed to turn the plane into the wind and didn’t have a good anchor for the tail, I set the tail wheel on a large truck tire and rim, and tied it with a bit of...
  5. 55-PA18A

    My Plane Will Be Done By Spring

    Isn’t it a strange feeling after working so long to realize there is nothing else to be done? That it’s ready to fly. Jim
  6. 55-PA18A

    Show your tractor

    Dad with his present to himself for his 102nd birthday. He’s put over 160 hours on it since last March. To borrow a phrase from CraneMan, “When you own an excavator, the solution to any problem involves an excavator “.
  7. 55-PA18A

    Show your tractor

    My soon to be 103 year old Dad on his 2nd most favorite toy. Ford 860.
  8. 55-PA18A

    2023 Hunt/Fish/Outdoors

    There hasn’t been much activity in this thread this hunting season. Here’s my 102 year old/ WW2 veteran Dad with an Indiana whitetail he got Thanksgiving afternoon.
  9. 55-PA18A

    Need Atlee float fittings installed on certified Supercub

    If you decide to buy new bolt on fittings from Kenmore, please be sitting down when you get the price quote. A good set of used fittings will work just fine, if they come with all the correct bolts. Be careful that they’re not just “U-bolts”. They use two different size of bolts with rolled...
  10. 55-PA18A

    Hard Starting,Fuel Issue

    There was a discussion here a while back about plug resistance testing and the affect of high resistance. I’m a real believer. Seems like one of the simplest and least expensive places to start when trying to track down poor performance. Jim
  11. 55-PA18A

    Bungee tool?

    Where are you going to get the gorilla to pull the handles apart?
  12. 55-PA18A

    EDO 2000 TLC

    Mix some glycerin in with the soap solution. It makes better bubbles and easier to see air leaks. Jim
  13. 55-PA18A

    8.50 x 6 vs 8.50 x 10

    Throughout the years with many different threads on tires, I’ve seen few mentions of the shaved 4-ply 29-11-10 (used to be referred to as the Gar Aero). Old technology and heavier than Bushwheels/etc, but for someone that’s concerned about pavement wear on the tires seems to be a good...
  14. 55-PA18A

    Steps for EDO 2000 floats

    Round is not a good idea, and find some good paint and put on thick, then sprinkle some sand on the paint to give it a ROUGH surface. You want the sand bumps sharp for traction. Randolph Wing Walk is your friend. Easier than screwing around with paint and dirt. Seems like Atlee Dodge float...
  15. 55-PA18A

    unleaded avgas

    The Swift fuel website has a link to a map showing airports that sell the Swift UL94. Then use the arnav link to the individual airport you're interested in. Scroll to the bottom for fuel availability and it will show the prices for 100LL and UL94. For example, on 8/10/2023 at Michigan City...
  16. 55-PA18A

    Tie-down recommendations

    Don’t buy cheap rope! I’ve seen planes tied down with abysmal examples. You can buy line with woven sheath that looks like climbing rope at the grocery store. The fiber inside is garbage. Check the strength and load ratings on the tag. Good rope is cheap insurance. Get twice as much as you...
  17. 55-PA18A

    Rusk in Alaska on Floats

    Bill. Do the folks in SE Alaska pay you to come up and bring such good weather? Spectacular photos. Most of my years in SE was pretty much in the rain. Day after day after day of rain. Jim
  18. 55-PA18A

    control cables

    Does anyone use the swaged cable ends? They're stainless. I hate getting poked by the cable sticking out of a thimble/sleeve.
  19. 55-PA18A

    New Gear legs

    I'm interested in the responses to this. Plans are to replace the bungees on my SC later this summer. My plane has lifting eyes and I've always had access to a winch or boom truck to change to/from floats. I don't now. I've helped change out skis using a wing jack, but was real nervous when...
  20. 55-PA18A

    Sensenich Ground Adjustable Prop

    Has a price been determined for this prop? Are there different model props for O-320’s and O-360’s?