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  1. aktango58

    Carbon Seats

    Need to eat more pie, widen and pad the bones, slows the side to side slide! While not the same, I took all the pads and upholstery off my Maule seat, put a NAPA memory seat pad on and it got way more comfortable. simple is at times better. I have seen lots of pilots use boat cushions to...
  2. aktango58

    Liquid Sealant for Floats

    Remember, more contamination to the body is introduced through your eyes than skin, exponentially.
  3. aktango58

    Liquid Sealant for Floats

    PRC was what I last used, and it was cut with toluene maybe?? Sorry I don't recall. Good old 3M 5200 cuts with alcohol. I had an aluminum fuel tank issue and a friend brought me some POR sloshing compound to use on that, holy cow did that work! A quick search says it is POR 15...
  4. aktango58

    Missoula Montana?

    What is this "adulthood" you speak of? More importantly, how would you learn about it? I would imagine that if western history is of interest, UM would be a good choice. If she goes there, I am just a quick ride to visit- continue west until over salt water, turn right.
  5. aktango58

    Pre-Buy Heads Up

    It has pretty red wires and nice valve cover paint... Thank you for sharing! These photos really help for inexperienced mechanic want-to-be guys like me because it really shows the detail, and some specific problem areas. Without being able to follow you around like some of the wolf cub types...
  6. aktango58

    Large Hobbs vs Tach discrepancy

    I went to an airspeed switch in the cub for the 100 hour inspections. Had an electrical hobbs direct wired for charging the client. Taxi time in float planes adds up quick, the difference would be about 12% most of the time. But I will say, between the mechanical tac, electrical direct wired...
  7. aktango58

    Marion harrasses a beaver with a boat.

    Hearing stories, what are the odds that she can go 3 years without someone making a complaint about her actions? That is a long time to follow all the laws. Again, I believe she is lucky the pilot did not deal with her directly at the time.
  8. aktango58

    Gas smell in cabin

    From a safety perspective, fuel fumes are what ignite and become a bomb, leading to fire. Electrical switches can have big sparks, especially when cold. If you smell it, it is a hazard.
  9. aktango58

    Source for bolt alignment "bullets"? (mechanical question, not a gun question)

    Gear bolts often develop that issue also, but hey, sometimes you need that slight bend to get the parts to line up correctly:-P:lol: I had not thought about the strait issue, but very good advice as very often the longer bolts get changed due to condition, and could make life miserable trying...
  10. aktango58

    Site Ups and Downs

    "looking wonky" is a specialty for many of us around there:-P
  11. aktango58


    To expand the crimp discussion, I was looking at buying or making some dies to put in my press to crimp battery terminals onto the battery cables. I see some cheap sets here and there, but thought I would ask if anyone has a suggestion?
  12. aktango58

    Saltwater Cub

    A couple things you should do: Open up the tail post as much as possible, not only to allow water to escape, but for airflow to help keep from condensation sitting on the tubes. Metal belly will help you keep tings clean and tidy. Especially touching up paint on tubes when needed. WASH YOUR...
  13. aktango58

    Cheap diesel heater for preheat

    Mike has a very valid point that is more important than most others: can you rely on it to not burn your stuff down! The simplicity of a generator and heat unit, (even a hardware store heater with a fan), and the reduced risk is all I need to know.
  14. aktango58

    MOSAIC: GAMA doesn’t want light sport pilots flying 172s

    as politicians get their palms greased, and things get into "committee", Logic and common sense fly out the window. So much timed energy spent arguing about what medical is required to fly a 172, or any other aircraft for that matter, yet we allow everyone to drive the 'car' at high speed...
  15. aktango58

    Hangar condensation

    The dehumidifier is the inexpensive solution. I would make sure the concrete is sealed, and I would also place the dehumidifier in such a way as to keep the air inside the hangar moving at all times. Just a fan inside the hangar helps keep moisture from building up and causing corrosion.
  16. aktango58

    Aeroski R-2800

    600x6 is the tire. If you give a call this evening I am happy to talk to you about this. I have put sets on a few different birds, including a 12
  17. aktango58

    Avoid Probate for your family Cub?

    Like all official paperwork, trusts need to be updated. Aircraft as an asset of the trust can be bought and sold by the trust. Not only trustees, but you can also name beneficiaries.
  18. aktango58

    VG's on a Maxima?

    Check out the various air deflection techniques in formula 1. Vg's, spoilers, deflectors and all kids of very expensive aerodynamics. One bump and it is all gone. Must be nice to have that kind of budget.
  19. aktango58

    Oops, darn it...

    A great example of how little things that seem inconsequential can begin a rapid demise of what should have been a present day.
  20. aktango58

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone! Blessed to have Lyn here and healthy, and a long list of good friends and family that are glad to hear from me! The important things. Let the little ones know we got notice of a NORDO sleigh coming over the airstrip tonight southbound, and back northbound early morning!