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  1. behindpropellers

    J5-A Wing Assembly Drawings

    Dave, I have the drawings...somewhere. But here is a bunch of pictures: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nZvbRj2aks8MgiYz6
  2. behindpropellers

    Dakota cub

    I can tell you exactly. Its very hard to make any money making airplane parts. It is a high mix low volume market coupled with the fact that everything that is produced needs to be perfect and have a mountain of paperwork behind it. Lots of people say....just hire this or that person. Not so...
  3. behindpropellers

    TJ Hinkle

    TJ's big tire pic will live on forever. Obviously stolen from him!! Sure he is happy to be back with ole bear dog.
  4. behindpropellers

    CubCrafters Testing Electric Lift Slats for Increased Wing Lift

    Yes. If you look up the inventors you will see where it is going to go.
  5. behindpropellers

    Air Filter Dome washer.

    I'm the one that made them, you can send me a PM with your email.
  6. behindpropellers

    Bushliner’s Cyclone makes the 51% kit list

    Would be smart for them to offer a nosedragger.
  7. behindpropellers

    Cargo pod issues

    Is the tail of your fuselage open or closed?
  8. behindpropellers

    Sensenich Ground Adjustable Prop

    I wonder what the manifold pressure is at different prop/speed settings?
  9. behindpropellers

    Sensenich Ground Adjustable Prop

    Steve, Who pays for the 3 FAA folks that are onsite?
  10. behindpropellers

    Removing Lettering

    Might want to talk to your IA on this. How is the fuel leak repair going?
  11. behindpropellers

    High Key, Low Key, pilot skills

    Other than cub pilots... How many actually go out and shoot 10 landings in a row?
  12. behindpropellers

    2024 Calendar Photo Submission is Now Open!

    And....keep in mind...if you text a photo it will reduce the resolution.
  13. behindpropellers

    Shoulder belt retrofit J3

    Exactly. If you are bending that tube, there are probably going to be other things to worry about. Tim
  14. behindpropellers

    Wet wing fuel stain below rivet

    So.... Did you buy it?
  15. behindpropellers

    Looking for Gray Kydex T...

    I know they used to stock white in .028 and .040 here in Akron, Oh. at piedmont. Tim
  16. behindpropellers

    Nosewheel not Aligned with Rudder - C206

    Update: Well....I found the issue. My helper lubed the rudder trim cable and left it all of the way to the right. I didn't catch it since I never made it to the runway. As usual, always look for the stupid stuff before taking things apart! Thanks for all of the replies! Tim
  17. behindpropellers

    Nosewheel not Aligned with Rudder - C206

    A bit of tongue in cheek in that comment. I tried to pull it a couple of years ago but the bolt in the link in the well is stuck.
  18. behindpropellers

    Nosewheel not Aligned with Rudder - C206

    Thanks for the replies. It was fine last time it flew, and now something is amiss. I'm going to look at the rudder peddle to nosewheel interaction. Its such a fun job. Now I have to figure out how to get the bolt out on the trailing link. Fun fun. Tim
  19. behindpropellers

    Need a Ohio Super Cub CFI

    Doug Cartledge @ Skypark 15G. Pm me for his phone.
  20. behindpropellers

    Nosewheel not Aligned with Rudder - C206

    Stumped. Cessna 206. Rudder peddles are centered. Nosewheel turning right. If I drive the plane straight ahead the rudder is deflected to the right. Steering bungee? Tim